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Hidden Countertop Supports - Hidden support for granite overhangs.

Our countertop supports are hidden from view creating an open and spacious look. Hidden countertop supports come in several different varieties.

Hidden Countertop Supports give your granite countertop or granite bar the extra strength needed to keep you safe from your granite snapping under its own weight.

Granite countertops and overhangs are now more popular than ever. Serving on a granite countertop or bar is commonplace. Installers used to use wooden corbels or even ugly braces hanging off the knee / pony wall for all to see instead of hidden countertop supports.

But now you can hide the countertop supports for your granite countertop, overhang, or bar by using our Granite Brackets for granite countertops. Our Granite Brackets are for granite countertops or granite bars are a snap to install and are made from professionally finished, heavy duty steel.. Click here to see how to install our countertop supports for Granite

Our Countertop Support Brackets are hidden. This means that the Countertop support sit well within the cabinets or knee wall supporting the heavy granite countertop above it. The countertop supports are hidden under the granite countertop and firmly connected to the underside of the granite countertop. Once the granite is installed you are much less likely to have your granite countertop or bar snap on you. The hidden countertop support bracket is a must if your granite overhang is more then 4 inches deep.

The granite countertop support brackets hides under the granite countertop, supporting the granite, quartz and heavy stone countertops.

The edge on all our brackets are tapred to save you knees from harm

We have a support team ready to help you install granite brackets. Just call 1-888-960-3854 and talk to a trained professional.

We Support Granite

Well it is very exciting to get your new granite countertops. You have spent a small fortune on the best granite you could find, and, now, it's time to have your installers put in your new granite countertops. But hold on. What about the supporting brackets or Granite Brackets you will need?

Do you have any granite countertop support Granite Brackets for your granite countertop? Did the granite installers tell you about the Granite Brackets you will need to support your new granite countertops?

You will need to support that granite countertop. Granite is a natural stone and it will snap off if you don't support it with corbels, legs, or our hidden granite countertop support brackets. Read all about granite here.

Legs hold up granite, but they are unpleasant, and if you wanted that, you would just buy a granite table. Corbels are very nice, but people hit their knees on them under the granite overhang or bar, not to mention they are starting to look old fashioned.

Actually the truth of the matter is that wooden corbels are really not strong enough to support a granite countertop over a certain length.

That's why you need to use our granite countertop support Granite Brackets. Even if you have wooden corbels holding up your granite, you still need to secure the granite countertop with something as strong as our steel Granite Brackets for your countertop and granite overhangs.

Our Granite Brackets and countertop support brackets are thick. 1/2 inch of thick American steel, and they are wide, 2 1/2 inches wide. Our countertop supports are some of the best granite countertop support brackets on the market. Click to see the full list of Granite Brackets and countertop support brackets.

Most importantly, you need to understand what a Granite Brackets or countertop support bracket does. Our countertop supports stiffen the integrity of granite countertops so they don't snap off causing serious damage to your family or the structure surrounding your countertop or overhang.

But what is fantastic about the design of our Granite Brackets and countertop supports is, other than the fact that they are made out of 1/2 inch by 2.5 inch steel our countertop supports are hidden under the granite countertop, nicely tucked up out of the way where they cant be seen. We call that the "Hidden Granite Bracket".

Click here to see some pictures of our countertop granite brackets.

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use this to figure out how many granite countertop support brackets you will need to order

The Granite Bracket Countertop Calculator Tool will help you figure out how many countertop support brackets you will need. Click Here

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Hidden Countertop Supports are an attractive and sturdy option to protect your granite countertops.

Our countertop supports are built of 1/2 x 2.5 inch solid steel. Why? Granite does not flex, it simply shatters.

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Forward L Brackets are best used for getting extra support.

This Forward L Granite Bracket should be used when you need to get that extra grip on a structure or knee wall to support your granite countertop. This granite bracket is used when you just want to go that extra mile on safety in supporting your granite countertop. Click here to see how to install our Countertop Bracket for Granite

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Standard Brackets for quick and easy granite support.

The Standard Granite Bracket should be used when you are placing a Granite Bracket on the facing side of a knee wall or cabinet. This is the go-to Granite Bracket for simple installation. It holds the granite countertop or overhang up so your granite doesn't get broken when people lean on the granite countertop or overhang. Click here to see how to install our Countertop Bracket for Granite

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Side Mount Granite Brackets fits in between the cabinet walls.

The Side Mount Granite Brackets are great when you need the space in a cabinet with drawers but you still need to support your granite countertop with a heavy duty granite bracket.

The Left or Right Side Mount Hidden Granite Bracket is the go-to granite bracket. We built this one for the floating granite countertop style jobs that are becoming more popular. Click here to see how to install our Countertop Bracket for Granite

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Picture of broken granite

This granite countertop could have been saved if they had used our Granite Brackets and countertop support brackets.Call Now before this happens to you. 1-888-960-3854

Be Safe and use Granite Brackets

Read all about the different Granite Brackets and who easy they are to install.

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The Granite Bracket Calculator

use this to figure out how many granite countertop brackets you will need to order

This tool will help you figure out how many Countertop Granite Brackets you will need. Click Here

Granite Weight Calculator

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Granite Brackets are used to brace and support granite countertops.

1. Our Countertop Granite Bracket for granite overhang and bars are the thickest granite bracket made for holding up granite countertops. 

2. Our Granite Bracket has off-set counter sunk holes to get the best grip on any supporting wood. 

3. Our Countertop Granite Bracket for granite countertops and bars are trusted in the field of granite installers. The first Countertop Bracket for Granite ever installed years ago is still doing its job and will for years to come holding and supporting its granite kitchen countertop.

4. Our Countertop Granite Bracket for granite is easy to install even for the home owners that are getting a new granite kitchen countertop and overhangs.

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